Logitech G25 & G27 Technology behind the steering wheel

Permukaan Circuit yang ada di Gran Turismo sangat bervariasi, bergelombang,dan lain2nya sehingga menciptakan berbagai reaksi yang berbeda-beda pada mobil, teknologi pada stir Logitech G25 bisa mensimulasikan gaya tsb dengan teknologi dual motor didalamnya, sehingga memperkuat daya output FFB (Force Feedback) yang dikeluarkan. Berbeda halnya dengan G27 yang menggunakan teknologi Helical Gear, sebenarnya Helical Gear ini lagu lama juga di dunia Hardware Simulator Racing, namun baru diaplikasikan pada Logitech New Baby which is G27 Racing Wheel.

– FFB = Berupa tekanan, getaran yang dihasilkan stir sehingga dapat mensimulasikan kejadian yang ada pada virtual ke dunia nyata, cth : saat ngebut dan melintasi permukaan curb, permukaan gravel dan jalan yang bergelombang stir akan mencoba mensimulasikan dengan getaran dan tekanan Feedback.
– Teknologi dibalik G25 = Spur Gear
– Teknologi dibalik G27 = Helical Gear

Details of G25 & G27 Motor

OK, so you’re probably wondering what the heck a helical gear is. Helical gears have the spine of each gear tooth cut at an angle that is not perpendicular to the gear disk. Make sense? No? Well, a picture says a thousand words, so check out these two videos:
The G25’s dual motor force feedback system used conventional straight-cut or “spur” gears on the FFB transmission. They’re simple to manufacture, but as we now know they can be loud and generate vibration when the gears are rotated quickly, due to the rate at which the teeth make contact with each other.

Logitech G25 – Spur Gear

Now take a look at a set of helical gears. The angled gear teeth allow for a more gradual rate of contact between the teeth, resulting in smoother, quieter force feedback with less vibration. But switching to helical gears required Logitech to up the ante with much tighter manufacturing tolerances. Helical gearing, combined with a transmission supported by two sets of steel ball bearings, helps the G27 advance the breed in terms of wheel smoothness and efficiency.

Logitech G27 – Helical Gear


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