Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

-Dual-motor force feedback transmission: Experience quiet, powerful force feedback effects. You’ll feel every bump, bank, and curb, recreated with remarkable fidelity.
-Six-speed stick shift: Quickly select between six forward gears and a push-down reverse gear. Or switch to sequential shifting mode.
-900 degree wheel rotation: Turns 2 ½ times, lock-to-lock, to accurately replicate real steering dynamics.
-Metal gas, brake, and clutch pedals: Control your car intuitively with sturdy, true-to-life pedals.
-Two paddle shifters: Keep both hands on the wheel while changing gears.
-12 programmable buttons plus D-pad: Easily map game functions to your preference with the powerful software.

-Hand-Stitched Leather: The 11-inch wheel is wrapped in real leather to help keep your hands comfortable during long racing sessions.

System Requirements
Pentium® processor or compatible
Windows® XP or Windows Vista®
256 MB RAM
20 MB of available hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
USB port
Games that support Logitech® force feedback
PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system
PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system

Rp 2.700.000 s/d Rp 2.900.000


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