Platform : PlayStation®
Release Date : Dec 10, 1999
Genre : Race / Car Life Simulation
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated
Developer : Polyphony Digital.Inc

Product Outline
Racing. On A Higher Level.

Gran Turismo 2 features over 500 authentic vehicles from world-class car manufacturers, spanning a wide range of generations and car models. Whether it’s the delicacy and precision of a Lotus or the raw power of a Dodge Charger, Gran Turismo 2 puts you behind the wheel of the world’s finest automobiles. Feel the awesome force of an old American muscle car in a quarter mile drag race, or relish the tight control and acceleration of a European supercar through the winding streets of Switzerland.
Over 20 detailed tracks.

Gran Turismo 2 features over 20 incredibly detailed tracks to race and over 40 track combinations. Whether it’s the twisting dirt course of Pike’s Peak or the narrow streets of Rome, Gran Turismo 2 brings it all home with incredibly realistic detail.

Off Road Rally Racing

Gran Turismo 2 features an all new off road rally racing mode. Navigate through wild hairpin turns on the Tahitian Sea Side course. The slightest error in judgment could mean the end, and precise timing is crucial for breaking, turning, and jumping.

Key Selling Features
* Over 500 authentic vehicles designed to exact specifications
* All-new European super cars and old American muscle cars
* All-new off road and drag racing modes
* Over 20 detailed tracks to race with over 40 track combinations
* All vehicles feature individually customized performance handling, drive train and real engine sounds
* Over 60 different license tests
* Arcade Racing mode with power slides, burnout’s, jumps and excessive speeds
* In-depth Simulation mode where money is earned to buy and sell vehicles and upgrade parts
* All vehicles are totally customizable
* Sophisticated replay function
* 2-player racing

Nostalgic Gallery

Gran Turismo 2 Original CD Cover – Frontside

Gran Turismo 2 Original CD Cover – Backside

Lobby Gran Turismo – Simulation Menu

Simulation menu – east city

Simulation Menu – Toyota Tuning House TRD

Simulation Menu – Toyota Tuning House TRD

Simulation Menu – Toyota Tuning House TRD

Simulation Menu – Toyota Tuning House TRD

In Game Screenshot

In Game Screenshot

Used Car Line Up

Gran Turismo 2 Poster Trailer di Jepang

Gran Turismo 2 Poster Trailer


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