Gran Turismo HD

Platform : PlayStation3 | PlayStation Network (PS3)
Genre : Racing / Car Life Simulation
Released : Dec 2006
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated
Developer : Polyphony Digital.Inc

Gran Turismo HD was released for free on December 24th 2006 in North America and Japan, with a European release in the following March. Originally the free release was a “concept” version for the full game Gran Turismo HD, this was the first concept version released outside of Japan. Gran Turismo HD was released with 10 cars including Ferarris which was a first for the series, and one track The Eiger Nordwand (including reverse track ) which is in the Swiss Alps. The game featured Time Trial and Drift Trial modes and also had regional leaderboards. GTHD planned to have a digital store for the purchase of cars that would later be usable in Gran Turismo 5, however shortly after releasing the game in Europe the full version was cancelled in order for Polyphony Digital to focus on development of Gran Turismo 5. Gran Turismo HD remains available along side GT5: Prologue in North America, but was pulled from the Playstation Store in Japan on September 30th , 2007.

Gallery from the Game :

Gran Turismo HD BD Cover

Cover and Screenshot

Gran Turismo HD Trailer

Gran Turismo HD in game Car Choose

Screenshot from the Game


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